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Daye Phillippo

Daye Phillippo's Biography

Hi, I'm Daye Phillippo and I contribute to the monthly devotional section of the website.  My husband Mark and I have been married for thirty-three years and are the parents of three daughters and five sons.  Our two youngest sons still live at home. We are also the grandparents of nineteen including the children of Mark's daughter whom we didn't have the privilege of raising, but who has, by God's grace, been added back into our family circle.

             I work from home as a freelance writer for a test development company, and am also studying creative writing at Purdue University where I take as many poetry classes as my schedule will allow. It's my goal to write honestly about my life experiences and in doing so learn and grow in my faith as I, hopefully, encourage others to do the same.

            According to my baby book, I first attended church when I was ten days old, but it wasn't until I was seventeen and about to graduate from high school that I realized that attending church my whole life hadn't made me a Christian.  I had to make that decision for myself.  I'll never forget that May Sunday morning when I, so shy about being in front of people that even giving a report in class made my knees wobble, walked down the aisle at church in front of all those people, knelt at the altar, and praying with my pastor's wife, asked Jesus to forgive me and make me His own.  I'd like to say that it was all uphill from there, but that wasn't the case. I used to have regrets, but now, understanding grace and forgiveness as I do, my only regret is that I didn't love Him better, sooner.

            One of my favorite poets, the Trappist monk, Thomas Merton wrote, "The earliest fathers knew that all things, as such, are symbolic by their very being and nature, and all talk of something beyond themselves.  Their meaning is not something we impose upon them, but a mystery which we can discover in them, if we have the eyes to look with."   Having "the eyes to look with" and sharing that vision through writing is my mission and passion.